If you’re going to need to park at the Oakland Airport, then you want to make sure you get the best rates possible. However, it can be difficult to get the best OAK parking rates. In order to ensure you get the best price when parking your vehicle, there are a few things you should do.

Check Your Travel Programs

If you belong to a travel program, you should check to see if they have discounts available for airline parking. Some travel groups, like AAA, offer discounts on a variety of services. They may have discounts on parking, but you may have to check with their local office for availability.

In some cases, it worth the money to join a travel program or discount program in order to obtain the discounts. Some of these programs are free just because you have a specific credit card. Other programs require a nominal fee to join. You need to determine if it’s worth the cost to join the program. Although in many cases the savings can be significant.

Look Online

Some parking services have websites, which allow you to book your parking space. These sites sometimes offer coupons and discounts for parking. Look for parking locations near the airport and see if they have a website. Look on the website to determine if they have a discount offer or coupons available.

Before choosing a company based on a coupon make sure you take a look at the terms of the discount. Do you need to book a specific type of service in order to get the discount? If you have to pay more for the service in order to get the discount, you might not want to use the discount. In the end, it may cost less to book a standard parking space, rather than get a discounted space with options you did not want.

Limit Your Services

Parking companies offer many different options. There is long-term and short-term parking. There is indoor or outdoor parking. Some locations even offer valet parking. If you are trying to save money and get the best rate you can reduce the options. Short-term outdoor parking would cost less than long-term indoor valet parking. Consider these options before booking.

Park Outside of the Airport

If you look around any airport, you’ll notice there are a few parking businesses in the area. These businesses offer travelers a great way to save money. If you use one of these parking lots, they often provide shuttle service to the airport. Make sure the lot will be open and the shuttle available at the time you are booked to return from your trip. This will ensure you have an easy time getting to your vehicle when you arrive back in Oakland.

Some people balk at the idea of paying OAK parking rates for their car while they are traveling. However, parking your car at the airport is a good way to keep your vehicle safe while you’re traveling. Most parking lots provide secure environments so that your car is protected while you’re away. That gives you one less thing to worry about.

BART is the acronym for the Bay Area Rapid Transport that allows for easy and quick transportation in the San Francisco Bay Area. It has both elevated and subway systems that serve 45 stations that transport millions of passengers to their desired locations.

Getting to and from an airport has always been a problem that needs to be solved for air travelers, and this issue has been addressed by The Oakland Airport BART which is conveniently located close to the airport. The use of this rapid transit system can help passengers to avoid likely traffic that they can encounter on the busy roads of San Francisco that lead to the airport. It can take passengers to any four stations in downtown San Francisco, that can then enable them to take further cab rides to hotels or other locations.

BART operates from early in the morning till midnight and has services that operate six minutes for the larger part of the day. While services are prompt, it can always make sense to not leave travel to the airport for the last minute and plan your trips accordingly. Oakland Airport BART tickets can even be charged to credit cards, though the vending machines are an alternative that is in use by most people. Entry to the BART stations is automatic after a ticket is inserted into the fare gate. The time during which the transit system does not operate is used for track maintenance.

A major problem for people traveling to airports is to carry the luggage that they need for their trips. BART trains do have separate spaces for accommodating wheelchairs, which can be used by passengers if it is free. At the airport, the station is located just outside the terminal and this makes it easy for travelers to cross across for their onward journey. Returning from trips can also be made easier if you take advantage of this BART service. There is also an automated people mover that can help you to reach the airport from the station easily.

BART runs buses late at night for passengers, as the transit system does close down by midnight. This additional service caters for people who come into Oakland airport late at night or early mornings or on flights that are delayed. There are also facilities that allow you to park a vehicle at BART stations, making travel to the airport that much easier. All BART systems are disabled friendly and allow easy access to wheelchairs, with space to store at entrances to coaches.

The rapid transit systems in place at airports greatly eases the problem for people traveling, as it reduces the uncertainty that is often associated with car or cab travel to airports. People movers at the airport further add to the convenience and to taking away the tension from having to catch a flight in time. Taking a cab to the BART station that serves the Oakland airport makes for the most convenient and easy way of solving transportation woes.

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